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Stay Connected. We’re stronger together.
Staying connected is essential as we are stronger together, if we work together. The Small Talk, Big Difference campaign aims to help people better connect with their own community, as well as health professionals, to address mental health concerns. Through the campaign, people can learn how to use technology to stay connected with family, friends and colleagues. We also want people to become more comfortable having challenging conversations – because it could save a life.

The campaign will help people feel more confident to start a conversation about mental health with friends, family and colleagues and will also encourage people to seek help and talk over their concerns with a GP.

Small Talk, Big Difference services are available to the following regions: Cloncurry • McKinlay • Richmond • Flinders • Winton • Burke • Carpentaria.

Learn how to build and maintain stronger connections

Most of us get through hard times in life with the help of our family and friends. We need each other. Making and maintaining connections with others, linking in with our local community and checking in – particularly with older members of our community or those who are more at risk of being isolated – is important for everyone’s wellbeing. There are many reasons that people can end up feeling isolated and alone; distance, COVID-19 or a breakdown in communication and relationships, but sometimes we don’t know where to start. Small Talk, Big Difference is here to help you learn how to build the skills to overcome the barriers to connection.
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Get more comfortable having challenging conversations, it could save a life.

What many people don’t realise when it comes to mental health concerns, is that they are common, but also very treatable. Help is readily available, but sometimes people need encouragement from those close to them who they trust to get the help they need to get out of the hole and back into life. Sometimes they just need to talk through things with a mate. After all, small talk does make a big difference. Small Talk, Big Difference is here to support you in learning these skills to have conversations that matter.

Having a hard time?

Get Help! It's available, it’s normal and it works!
Talk over your concerns with your GP. Whether it’s diabetes or depression, treatment is available. Your local GP or Health Centre is the best place to start, offering direct support and linking you in with professionals who can help you through the hard times. You are not alone, there is a way through. Make that call before things get worse and help yourself (or a mate) to get back into life.
Head to Health
Need more help? Head to Health provides links to trusted Australian online and phone supports, resources and treatment options.
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Other support resources:

Local General Practice clinics:

> Richmond Surgery 58 Crawford St, Richmond Ph: 07 4741 3390
> Hughenden Health Service
Richmond Hill Dr, Hughenden Ph: 07 4741 2800
> Flinders Medical Centre 4/5/27 Ramsay St, Cloncurry Ph: 07 4742 2233
> Julia Creek Medical Centre Hospital 1 Burke St, Julia Creek Ph: 07 4746 7159
> Gidgee Healing Medical Centre 32 Brown Street, Normanton Ph: 07 4769 7000
> Burketown Primary Health Care Clinic Burketown Health Centre Hospital Rd, Burketown Ph: 07 4745 5133
> Winton Medical Practice Lot 15, Corner Blomfield and Oondooroo Street, Winton Ph: 07 4657 2755

24-hour specialist mental healthcare access line

1300 MH CALL (1300 642255) is a confidential mental health telephone triage service that provides the first point of contact to public mental health services to Queenslanders.

Seek help – it’s normal to do so and it works:

• Mental health concerns can impact anyone. You are not alone, there is a way through. Make that call and help yourself or a mate.
• Get in touch with your local GP to chat about options available for accessing mental health services in your local area.
• Download and listen to out podcasts or read our mental health Guides.
• Attend one of our webinars focussed on helping yourself and others.

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