Small Talk, Big Difference is a program delivered in partnership between the Royal Flying Doctor Service (Queensland Section) and Queensland Health, supporting people in disaster-affected communities to confidently start the conversation about mental health and find the right support.

Jointly funded by the Commonwealth and Queensland Governments under the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA), the Small Talk, Big Difference program is currently working to support the 12 communities most severely impacted by the 2019 Queensland bushfires, some of which are also now coming to terms with recent flood events. 

Having a conversation about your own, or a loved one’s, mental health can feel challenging – but it doesn’t have to be. Small Talk, Big Difference provides you with the tools and confidence to start these important conversations – including #smalltalkstarters, advice from mental health experts and real life stories from those who have walked this path before.


Listen to expert advice & real stories for tips on how to start a small talk


Read our guides to identify mental health concerns and improve your wellbeing

Conversation Cards

Download your own #smalltalkstarter card deck


Access healthy and nourishing recipes.


A regular meditation practice enables the body and mind to rest and relax.


Our posters can be used as a tool to start better small talk in your workplace.

It's time we
had better
small talk.

Instead of asking 'How are you?',
try these conversation starters
next time:

What’s one thing you’re putting off?

What’s something you’re enjoying at the moment? 

What’s one question you wish you could ask a friend?

When was the
last time you had
a small talk?

Natural disasters are emotionally taxing but for many, this high stress toll should ease with time. However, there are some who may feel the struggle – perhaps it didn’t present straight away, or the ongoing stress or worry hasn’t dimmed as you would expect. That’s when we should be having a chat, and opening up about the struggle in order to start to heal. Even those of us who are doing ok have a role to play in helping others – as a community we can band together, build our resilience and help support our neighbours in need, now and into the future.

Want to know
how to get mental
health support?

Want to become more confident to start a conversation about mental health? Want to know how to encourage a loved one or neighbour to seek help?

Call a loved one or strike up a small talk with someone in your community. If you’re concerned about your own mental wellbeing, book an appointment with your GP to start a conversation. Your local GP or Health Centre can offer direct support and link you with professionals who are there to help. Locate a GP near you.

Talking can help

Let's continue ours a little later
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